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Exceed Your Client’s Expectations

      DO YOU MEET OR EXCEED YOUR CLIENTS’ EXPECTATIONS? If you think you do, can you name the specifics? [Y]ou must get clarity about what’s most important to the client and also be in alignment with the desired results. By Brent Kelly “We exceed your expectations” is a promotional tagline that countless companies and individuals have spouted for years. While it may sound nice, it’s cliché to the

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Treating The New Customer Right

TREATING THE NEW CUSTOMER RIGHT 10 things to keep in mind There is an old saying in insurance that good customer service equals good E&O loss control. By Paul Martin, CPCU Account managers are accustomed to handling a lot of renewals. They follow families as they grow and change, adjusting coverages over the years. However, when a new customer comes along, the agent is faced with many unknowns that can

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Unlocking the Power Of OSHA Records

UNLOCKING THE POWER OF OSHA RECORDS Ten ways to enhance workplace safety and lower insurance costs Leveraging OSHA records is a powerful strategy for enhancing                                                                                          

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Check Your Ego At The Door

CHECK YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR! 5 steps that will positively impact your personal brand, your relationships, and your business It has been predicted that half the industry’s workforce will                                                                                

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